CD-Sampler "Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 7"

Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
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Tracklist: Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 7

Boystown  -   Something In The Way You Touch
Com 'N Rail  -   I Won't Let Me Down
Vendetta  -   The Night
Faith Nation  -   How Can I
Metal Majesty  -   We Rocked
Dukes Nitemare  -   With A Smile
Dakota  -   Last Standing Man (acoustic version)
Matrex  -   I Don't Want Anybody
Aprillee  -   Bitterhole
Mariner  -   Don't Get Fooled Again
Matt Garbo  -   I'm Alive And I'm Free
The Wild Boys  -   Minds Eye Diary
Infinite Dreams   -   Touch My Skin
Hovland   -  This Is Love
Medusa's Child  -   Center Of The Dark