CD-Sampler "Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 4"

Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
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Coastline - Restless Heart, Restless Mind
Wild Frontier - I Can Hear You
Raggedy Ann - Superhero
Michael Riesenbeck - Two Hearts
Brunorock - La Fonte Dei Sogni
Merlin - Time To Leave
Love Hunter - You Took A Piece Of My Heart
Phil Vincent - Friend Or Foe
The V-Project - Rattle Your Cage
Lamorna - Mary (I Still Love You)
Badhoven - Behind The Masquerade
Kamera - When We Said Hello
Alpha - Throwin' It All Away
Elayne - Wildest Dreams
The Lec Zorn Project - Long Time Coming
Chapter Eight - Snake Eyes