CD-Sampler "Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 1"

Erscheinungsjahr: 2002
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Tracklist: Melodic Rock is back - Vol. 1

Anatomic  -  Until You're Gone
Phil Vincent  -  Strong Enough
Aris  -  No One Else
220 Volt  -  Don't Come My Way (prev. unreleased)
Badhoven  -  Wasted Time
Franky Dee  -  Memory With You
Wild Frontier  -  Breaking The Silence
Purple Cross  -  Story Of The Game
Lori Fogler  -  The Water
Elayne  -  Elayne On Stage
Merlin  -  You're All That I Need
Love Hunter  -  Lonely Night
Orange Crush  -  Losing It Without You
North  -  Love You Better Than Before
Sweet Crystal  -  In God We Trust